Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blogerfest Day 21 - Just the usual things....

 Josh & I headed to Tamworth this morning...
I had a few jobs to do, and it was so nice to spend some time with Josh
just one on one....
We rarely get time together with no distractions..
It was lovely, i love my boy!!
 Did a function today
its the Gunnedah Annual Sports Awards..
I can tell people that i was the winner of the Inaugural Gunnedah Sports Awards.
Of course, that was 100 years ago in a different life!!!

I went down today to check Solo...
 He doesn't need feeding, he is so fat.
But i give him a little dry food to break up the fresh green stuff.
If we don't make some effort to feed him he gets up to mischief!
He has broken into the food shed a number of times...
There was evidence of it again today.
 When you jump the fence to go to the feed shed,
he just sits on your back and whispers in your ear...
 And pushed you from behind so he can get some food
Quiet obnoxious really!!!
If he gets too pushy we just say to him
"Go to your stable"
and he toddles off to his stable to wait....
He is so cute!!

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Lisa A said...

A big hello to Solo From Jaws, Kosmo & Beaver...xoxoxoxoxoxo


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