Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Craft Day with the Girls....

The kids are back at school
so its time for the Mums to have some fun!!
Today we had a craft day with the girls..
But it was also a chance to celebrate Brenda's
special unbirthday!!!
I managed to finish a double layout....
Stu and Josh are having a great getaway!!
They are heading to the MOTO GP on Phillip Island
this weekend
and taking all the best motorbike rides on the way there...
Tonight they are here
They rode through the rain..
Which wasn't quiet as bad as the guys behind them
who rode through SNOW!!!!

Josh found a new friend....
Day 12


lindy said...

Love the mme paper in the double...
great fun with your Gfriends

Brenda said...

Oooo I'll save that picture too!

Thanks so much for yesterday I had a wonderful time with some great friends!

Next Tuesday? Yes!!!

Jackie / Kate said...

It was sooo much fun.. Thanks again x


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