Friday, October 22, 2010

Blogerfest Day 22 - A Day in the Life....

 I usually share photos of my beloved pets
or my kids...
But today i thought i would share...
A Day in the Life of Jodi!!!

Today i had a function to do first up,
So first thing i headed out to the BOC depot to get some more helium, 
Maccas to get my morning latte
and then the mail (Nothing exciting in there, no pizza boxes anyway!!)
Then it was off to work...
Which is my shed!
At the back of the car shed in another part
thats sectioned off.
All insulated and split system reverse cycle air conditioning..
In here is where i store everything!!
All the wedding gear, all the balloons, backdrops, centrepieces..
It really is a great system for storing heaps of stuff in a small place.
Everything is stored in plastic boxes behind the curtains..

Here is the "Inflation Station"
I have my gas bottle (Only one at the moment, the other two are still in the car!)
all the balloons i use, tools, my digital air sizer,
stereo.. (listening to Guns & Roses today)

I have a function to do for the anniversary
of 50 years of service to the convent...
I usually do this celebration maybe once a year. We have a good size convent
in Gunnedah and they like to have a celebration or two!!!
 The ceiling in my shed holds 300 balloons with good coverage.
(They dont go far do they) 
Customer like to idea of balloons on the ceilings for functions and i quiet often tell them,
we are talking 100s of balloons not 10s of balloons...
But most settle for that 300 mark as i will do a special deal for them.
Especially if its a wedding...
It takes 2 people an hour to blow up 300 balloons..
If they know how to tie a knot, if not than it can take hours!!!

Here they all are done and ready for collection.
I like to peg all the strings in a bunch together just under the balloons
so they dont get tangled up as much. 
So there we are...
Its 12.30, the balloons have been collected,
someone else has picked up a gas bottle to blow balloons up for their own wedding this weekend,
I am waiting for a bride to collect her chair covers and sashes
and another customer who is picking up lengths of fabric and fairy lights to do the ceiling at he PCYC the same way i did for the deb of the year ball.
Then tonight i have to deliver another bunch of balloons to a restaurant
and another customer is coming over to have her own balloons inflated...
So i keep pretty busy, but i will do some scrapping, or washing or ironing while i am waiting for the customers..

So there you have it..
A Day in the Life of Jodi

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Lisa A said...

Your one busy little bee..wish you lived closer so i could get some balloons off you.....I might have a go at a day in the life of me next week, what ya reckon........


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