Monday, October 4, 2010

Stu versus the bird..... round 1

We have this bird come visit us at
5am every morning
and quarks in the tree out the front.....

Stu has run out and clapped at him the last couple of nights,
and then though he might sling shot him....
Bit drastic and cruel!!

Then thought about putting a cut out owl in the tree
which got me thinking!!

I have an old Bat from past Halloween out in the shed
We could blow that up....
So we did, and i attached little pumpkins to the pack of his head so he has eyes on both sides...
Getting it into place though is a bit of a trick...
But he is sitting in the middle of all the trees out the front of our bedroom window..
Just gotta make sure one of the neighbouring kids dont think he is up for grabs and takes him home!!! But he does look a little scary hey!! lol
We just heard him do a round of sqaurks and has left again..
lets see if it works before sunrise!!

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