Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today a received this Your Blog is as Deer to Me as Cupcakes...

Isnt this so cute!!
The lovely Charmane gave me this.... Check out her place..
So now its my turn to pass this on to those people's blogs that are dear to me....
Blogs i visit everyday are:
The lovely and very talented Kerry Murray...Cant wait to catch up in a couple of weeks!! yay!!!
My dear friend Brenda Schmitt - Who needs to blog more often!!!
Beautiful 007 herself Lindy Gallespie - This woman is amaising!!!
The Marvelous Scrapper Jules the Bling Princess - This womans work blows my mind!! So amaising!!!
My Amaising Talented and wonderful friend Jack Ellis - This woman has so very many talents its not fair to us average people!!
And finally Lisa Ashman - my dear internet friend who has so much in common with me we could be twins!! Scary!!!
So ladies, here is your award, now make sure you pass this on.........


kerry said...

Hey Jodi yep not long now.I cant imagine you drag racing though.And thanks for the cute cupcake too.TAke care Kerryxx

lindy said...

Oh Jodi ...ta for the cupcake are sweet
love the drags so when are you entering lol??


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