Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A day of self endulgence

Today was a nice day.....
I had to get up early to get Emelia off to Work Experience,
so i headed to the Gym early and caught up on all the news...
I never usually watch the news so its a bit different for me to be aware of world events...
The violence thats going on is so bad!!! No wonder i dont watch it!!
I did my 50 minutes on the cross trainer and burnt over 500 calories,
got changed and headed to the beauticians for some repair and maintenance before my trip to Caloundra this weekend!!!

I love my toes!! Very different for me to do something other than pink!!
But i went with the Navy as i wear jeans all winter, so it suits...
Pink doodly bits...
The finger nails have purple glitter acrylics with pink and blue doodly bits...
The photography course:
This week we started on Shutter Speed, ISO and Appature.
Its so another language for me, but here is some of my homework......

This photo, i am behind emelia with a torch and putting it in circles.
200 ISO and 2.5 Shutter Speed

This one I am holding a torch over her. 100 ISO and 2.5 Shutter
Same with this one
These ones Emelia has the sparklers out... ISo 100 and 4 sec shutter
Same again
Im understanding it all a little better. Will just take more practise.


AmandaMcGregor74 said...

well done, this is some of what I was talking about before with your horse shots. Love the one of Emelia lying on her back on the bed, the lighting is beautiful around her.

Brenda said...

Those photos are fantastic....I look forward to what else you come up with.


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