Saturday, May 9, 2009

A beautiful Autumn Show Day

Today was certainly a much better day at the show
Both horse and rider seamed much better prepared for the day....
Both were calm and well behaved....

And did really well!!!
There were heaps of competitors in each section..
Emelia competed in the girl rider and all her hacking events....
They both went really really well. Im so proud of both of them!!!
Solo didnt put a foot wrong and was very patient waiting for each event, and Emelia is starting to put in place all the advice people have been giving her about riding....
The biggest comendation came when she was called in during the Childs Hack Class...
There were maybe 10 or 12 horses in this class and they called in 4 to do a workout... Emelia being the forth!! I was beside myself!!!
She has never been called in to do a workout before when there have been more horses than ribbons!!! This was very exciting....
But when it came time for her workout, the stock horses where also doing their workout which involved gallops and quick stops right where Emelia was doing her circles... Infact, Emelia had to stop her workout to let this horse past and it upset Solo (Which is natural)
People around commented on it being allowed to happen where a Child is doing a workout.. (The Stock horses were adult events)
So Emelia ended up with a Forth ribbon. She finished her workout perfectly though after that little upset!!!

She was very proud of herself!!!

She also did excellent in the pairs event....
These two girls were magnificent!!!!
I took like 20 photos and in each and every one of them the girls are stuck together like glue!!!
They did a wonderful job!!!
And out of 12 horses, ended up in second place!!!!
Another thing that was on today were the show jumpers!!
Oh My Goodness!!
Check out a couple of the photos!!!
Talk about scary!!!
Well, thats it for me!! Its late and im off to bed....

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Lisa A said...

Solo looked amazing, Love the photos


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