Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stacked it on the first ride!!!

Well, my new bike turned up today....
What a dream to ride!!! Its so smooth, and everything works properly!!! Theres a gear elector window so i know what i am in... cause theres 6 of them!!!!
I took her over for Mum to see and she took these photos.....

Im wearing joggers as i still cant get my boots on with my ankle!!! And i didnt put my gloves on or take my phone with me.....
A lesson.... in future wear gloves and take your phone even if your jsut riding around town....

Because i took her upto Porky Lookout and there is a really tight uphill bend... I stalled her! I went into the corner in too high a gear and didnt gear down fast enough... It kinda sticks in second and you have to like double clutch it to get into first, so thats what i was doing right on the bend and she stalled!!!

I should have geared down into first way BEFORE the corner and just revved it!!! I know that and i am so cranky i didnt do it!!!

So anyway, on a tight bend and uphill, it was so hard to hold up and i dropped it!!! I was able to keep it up so that it didnt drop too hard and it didnt scrape at all, so there was no ferring damage, but i did break the blinker and scratched the rear view mirror and a couple of points on the ferring.

But i scrapped my hand and hurt my ankle again by straining it too much!!! As i said, i forgot my phone, so i couldnt ring Stu and i am just standing there on the bend trying to hold this bike up!!! SOme dickhead, on a dirt bike came up behind me and just kept going!! Didnt stop!!!

So im staning there, and i couldnt push the bike the rest of the way up the hill, so i decided to start the bike and just idle it while i pushed it up the hill... SO i did that and made it as far as i needed to so i could get on properly!!!

Talk about a work out!!! My gut muscles were so sore!!!

Anyway, I came home and there was this car parked right across the driveway entrance! There wasnt even any room for me to ride the bike up the driveway, so i rode up the neighbours and across, parked the bike... Stu came out with this girl following him.

I broke down straight away crying telling Stu that id dropped it... This poor girl is standing there while i have this melt down!!! She had some flowers and i thought she was a customer that wanted some balloons attached to them!!!

But i stopped crying long enough to ask her "So, who are the flowers for?" You she said!! OK?? I opened the card and they were from my friend jo!! How lovely!!!!

So they were very well timed!! Thanks Jo!!!

So, Stu has fixed the blinker and you really cant see the damage to the bike. You really have to look for it!!! So all is a bit better now!!!


You would think that by now i would have lost 19 kilos or so!!! Christ its so frustrating being me!!! I try and try and still nothing!!!

But i joined the gym last week and i go everynight after tea. I do fat burn!! thats all!! No weights and no heavy cardio! Just fat burn!!! I feel really good and am getting fitter. My food hasnt been the best, but its coming down. But my size is reducing!! I can feel it and see it.. I went shopping for some clothes yesterday and i felt pretty good about how they looked!!!

Here is me today...

Hopefully, there will be no more drama this week!!! Please!!


kerry said...

Oh Jodi you have a drama after a drama lol.Glad you are okay chook.Not long now.Take care Kerry xx

balloons n stuf said...

I think you have had your fair share of dramas too Jodi, hope you have a better week next week. Love those new clothes especially the furry collar and theres is just something about that shade of pink that brings out the glow in ya cheeks don't you think? You don't look at all stressed from the dramas that's been happening for you lately!! Love your bike Cyn but I really like the pink one, I don't ride but a friend of mine does, have you sold her yet? Can't wait to see the butterflies u plan to put on this one.

Tracey said...

You poor thing Jodie one thing after another. It seems to be the year for it. Hope your feeling better shopping always helps specially buying new close for yourself

Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi,
Know how your feeling right now, first i twist my ankle a week ago, then i weigh-in and have put on 400grams in 2 weeks, and last night i got home from work and Beaver the kitty Kat was missing i couldnt find him anywhere he never goes outside because of all the dogs we have around here so here i was walking the streets with my pyjamas on, bare footed and yes Kosmo and I found him on the next door neighbours front lawn inside the gate, i think he was looking for home but got a little lost, i will blog about this on weekend, Hope your feeling better talk soon


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