Sunday, May 3, 2009

A lovely Autumn Sunday

It was a glorious day today in Sunny Gunny!!!!
A perfect day for a Rally Day!!!
The show is on Next Weekend, so there was lots of preparation events today...
Like Jumping!!
Although, Emelia & Solo were very dissapointed with the hieght!!! She was looking for something just a little higher to practise on!!!!

We bought a new saddle last week!!!
We've been having some troubles with Solo, so its a process of ilimination!!!
Ive been doing some research on the internet and decided to take a closer look at the saddle!!!
I thought maybe that might be it!!
And guess what!! He was a different horse today!!! Yay!!!
He was so very well behaved!!!
Even with the sporting, he didnt rare once!!
He walked out from the troup line and did the sporting events like he didnt have a worry in the world!! God, who would have thought it could be someting so simple!!!
Here she is doing Dressage!!
This is a total joke!!! Hilarious!!
the Instructor has so much patience for Emelia, she is the most beautiful person!! She is trying to make an Eventor out of Emelia, and i dont know if it will happen!!!
No misbehaving with the flags at all!!
Brilliant with the bends...
But he did a couple of pig rootes in the sand arena!!! During the bareback of all times!!!

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