Friday, May 8, 2009

A Much Better Night

After coming home for a few hours and then heading back to the show ground for sporting tonight, both horse and rider were in a much better frame of mind!!!
They both performed brilliantly!!!
Solo was perfectly behaved... a real gentleman!!!!
Here they are having a bit of practice before the real thing....
Both were brilliant!!!

This is the very first time Emelia has cantered the barrels with Solo...
Next step.... Gallop!!!
Tearing round the flags!!
The sun set by the time they got around to competing, so i couldnt get any decent photos!!! Gotta work on those camera settings!!!!
I dont understand this photo... Why is the barrel clear and Solo so very blurry!! Yes they were going fast and i wasnt using a flash... But isnt it weird.. Like a ghost!!!
So all in all the day ended very very well!!!

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AmandaMcGregor74 said...

re: the photo you dont understand - the camera has compensated for the lack of light and no flash and left the shutter open for longer than ususal - barrel isnt moving so is clear, Solo is moving so is blurry. If the light is low, and you are too far away for the flash to have an affect, put your iso up to the maximum (1600 at least hopefully) and put the camera onto shutter control, then have a play around with different shutter speeds until you get a good enough compromise between low light and blurry moving objects. Hope that helps


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