Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gonna Stick to Two Wheels

Solo has a dentist appointment today...
So he had to get down to the vet by 9.30 this morning, we dont have a horse float, so i had to ride him.....
He was going along perfetly until it was time to go under the railway bridge!!!
Its near the industrial area and there was so much noise with grinding etc...
He started to bolt on me and he is hard in the mouth at the best of times, then something scared him and he shyed!!!!
The horse went one way and i went the other!!!!
My right foot got caught up in the stirrup and i was dragged along for a bit, my foot twisted and l landed really hard on my hip!!!
OMG!! I thought id broken something, i hit so hard!!!!!
Solo ran off obviously, but was too scared to cross the water culvert Id aleady made him walk through!!!
Thank goodness, two very kindly simaritans pulled up and offered assistance!!!
One lovely man, calmed Solo down while i hobbled my way to him!!!!
A lady pulled up and checked to see if i was ok.
I decided not to remount him, but led him for the half a kilometre to the vet!!!
We got under the bridge and were crossing through a little creek when he shyed AGAIN and ran over me, knocking me to the ground and banging my head!!!!
So, needless to say I am so sore and sorry for myself this afternoon.
Ive taken a fist full of drugs and am going to scrap i think and put my foot up!!
Its quite swollen and very very sore!!!!
I also have a massive bruise on my hip!!! Its so black!!!
Here is my foot!!! I dont want to share the buttock photo, all the hail damage isnt that photogenic!! lol
So the trip to the Vet.
We got Solos teeth done, just gonna see if it makes any difference at all...
Although the saddle change has been massive!!!!
So here he is. By this time, Stu had to come and give me a hand. I was so light headed, I thought i was gonna faint!!!

He was given slight sedation!!! This is great stuff!!! It had him so quiet!!! I should have waited to trim his mane until he was drugged up!! lol

Look at him the poor boy!!! Hes so sad and sorry for himself.. The drugs kicked in!!!
And here he is having his teeth done!! He was a very good boy!! But then anrt we all when we have a head full of sedative!!!
Thank goodness, Mark offered to Float Solo home for me which I am so grateful for!!!
So thats been my day so far!!!
Gonna scrap the Wicked Princess Challenge now and also the Scrap with V DT Challenge!!!
There were sales on across the road at the saleyards too this morning...
A drover I think he was came over and checked Solo out. Was looking him up and down and commented on what a wonderful little horse he was!!!
Perfect for droving!!!
Nope he's not for sale!!! Emelia would kill me!! Dispite the fact the Stu wasnt real happy with him for hurting his wife, I dont think he would ever sell him!!!
But its nice to know that other people think he is gorgeous too!!!


Kylie said...

OMG!!!look at your ankle!! you poor girl, hope your on the mend & getting some TLC at home. xx

phillipa said...

Jodi you poor bugger!! I hope it doesn't take too long to mend. Will be thinking of you xxx

Wendy said...

Oh Jodi!!! Your ankle is huge. Take care of yourself, and if you are worried at all go for a check up at hospital.xx

kerry said...

Jodi that wasnt good was it hope you are feeling better now chick.Take it easy and keep that foot up.Take care Kerry xx

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