Sunday, May 24, 2009

Does my Butt look big in this motorbike????

Dont answer that!!
I can see it myself thanks....

Anyway, Stu took me for another ride today... We went out on the plains around Goran Lake i think it was...
Im getting more and more confident. I managed to corner around that 120 mark and felt pretty comfortable. I didnt have any scares, so thats always a good sign!!!

I gotta get that art work done... Shes very boring isnt she, compaired to Lily!!!
Isnt this a shocking angle!!!

Not long now till Mum and i head to Caloundra!!! Count down is on!!!
We are staying at a resort on the beach, and not gonna leave the place. Bit of a waste really hey!!!
Just gonna scrap scrap scrap!!!!
Going to call in and see my friend Trac on the Thursday and stay there and then stay with my friend Michelle on Sunday night!!!

1 comment:

lindy said...

Jodi Pippy has the mag...maybe she can bring along at the retreat

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