Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I hope all you Mums had a wonderful Mothers Day....
My family surprised me with some lovely gifts......
French Perfume...
2 Bottles
One was 1ooml of Sarah Jessica Parkers Lovely
and another 100ml of Eclat L'arpege (dont know how to say it but it smells devine!!)
And a set of matching coffee cups (That dont have chips in them!!!) lol
I did some deliveres...

But alot of the day was spent again at the showground.
Today Emelia was doing team Penning!!!
They are very organised this time and they have a team uniform!! Red!!!
They had a great couple of runs.
Getting one cow in the gate on two runs, but missed on the third run.
Solo was a bit naughty rearing up, but made for a good show for the spectators!!!
I didnt get a photo of that as I thought she was gonna come off this time!!!!
She lost a stirrup, but managed to hold on to Solos neck and not come off!!
Solo was on cow watch duty!!
Brenda has a wonderful tribute to Mothers and Children on her Blog...
Deffinately worth a laugh...
Check it out
So, that was Mothers Day!!
Have a great night!


balloons n stuf said...

love your bouquets, Jodi hope I get some orders myself next year.
Your daughter is doing well with her horse riding and events. You must b very proud!!

Lisa A said...

happy mothers day jodi, and congratulations to Emelia and Solo


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