Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gettin back on the horse..... or in this case, Bike!! But It could be the horse cause i come off that too!!!!

Josh took me for a ride today...
They are very concerned about me coming off again!!!!
Josh is so funny!!! Its weird him being the "parent" and me being the child!!!
Yes Josh no Josh!!!
But we went around to Mums, and then to the Video shop, to the school and i came home!!
I was so frightened the whole time!!!!
Stu is going to lower it for me, and i know i will be more confident when i can get my foot on the ground properly!!!
Look, we are twins!!!!
I have a Suzuki GSX650F and Josh has a Suzuki GSXR600.

I gave Mum her proper Mothers Day present today!! She loved it!! She cried!!
Its an album called
"Mummy's Baby Girl"
It has all my cute baby photos.
It was a Kaiser Challenge for Scrapbook Memories, so I cant show you yet..... but the Mag comes out in 3 issues, so you can see it then!!!
Here she is showing Josh.
Mum bribed Josh too. He has to look after me while i am riding and Mum will make him Lemon Marange Pie!!! He said ok!!! lol

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Margaret said...

My album is beautiful! All you scrappers out there will want to make one when you see it. It will be a treasure for life. Seeing your darling babies in this beautiful album will make you cry truly. So make one up for your own Mums'. I'll bring it with me to the retreat if I'm allowed.
Thank you Jodi. x


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