Friday, May 1, 2009

A Change

Do you like my new blog???

Its got all my favorite colours in it!!!!!

Week 17 Update:

Here is a photo i took on Wednesday!!!

Still two steps forward one step back... but going down which is the main thing!!!!! Lisa A and her hubby are going great guns on my challenge!!! So jealous!!
Lisa has lost of 8 kilos now!!!! And im still trying to push 5!! So not fair!!! :(

Keep up the excellent work guys!!!!!


Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi
I am very proud of you... I have a plan that when I have lost a bit more weight we will meet each other, what do you reckon...Keep up that walking, and tell stu to join in on our adventure.
Brett was in Tamworth for 1/2 hr yesterday picking up some cars for his work. I finally got my scrapping mojo back so its a weekend full of scrapbooking for me this weekend so hopefully by weekends end i will have some layouts to show you

Lisa A said...

Tell me jodi how did you get your blog to look like this help me please mine looks so plain

Joanne said...

Yes Jodi fantastic blog how do you do it?
Great weight loss Lisa, I have lost around 9kilos and feel great but I am starting to go back to my old habits it is very hard. But the worse thing is no one has noticed.

Brenda said...

I love the new colours of your blog......Can you post a link to show us all where or how you did it?


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