Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gunnedah Drags

Righteo, next drags there will be some photos of me on the bike!!!
If I'm not too scared!!!!
But for today, all I have is Stu (Now Josh has a girlfriend, his "interests" lie is a different area!!!
Here is Stu doing his burnout!!!
This photo is so funny............ The "Pit Girls" are supposed to be sheltering the riders from the Sun!! Here is a "Pit Girl" not quite doing her job correctly!!! See, she is fully sheltered, but for some reason she is standing beside the bike and not sheltering the rider at all..... The sun was directly in his face!!!!
She needs some more "training!!"

Doing the burnout........

At the line............
Off and racing

Got a bit of lift here.... Most of the guys are wheelstanding their way down the track.
This week our homework for photography was very appropriate to this weekends activities!!
We had to take photos of moving subjects!!
And i got it right!!!
Im so pleased i have learnt to do this properly!!!


Charmane said...

Hey Jodi!

I've given you an award check out my blog!

Love Charmane

LIly'sMummy said...

Great work and great blog!!

Marelle said...

Hi Jodi

Mal said...

Jodi, great photos! I need to learn how to get it right for moving pictures! Just popping over from Charm's blog party:)


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