Sunday, May 17, 2009

Campdraft Practise Fun Day & Drag results for Gary

I started to do a Cybercrop this weekend at Chookscraps...
I did one challenge and started on a second, and that was that!!!
This is challenge 1
"A Family in Waiting"
This is my lovely preganat sister in law Kell, and brother Gary!!! I took the photo.. Im so pleased with it!!!
Emelia and Solo tried campdrafting today....
Now apparently, this is Solos's "Thing!!", but he has forgotton obviously!!!
Here he is trying to chuck a spaz!!!
But he eventually got his shit together, and they didnt do too bad a job at stopping the cow.. I wouldnt go as far as to say Cutting the cow, because there was definately no cutting!!!
But he started blocking and chasing ok..
Emelias boyfriend Mat was giving her a hand...
And then shower her how its done..
Then Emelia, Mat and his dad teamed up to do team penning. They got all beasts in the pen in a very fast time... They did well!!!
So that was my day today..
DIdnt get much else done at all....
But on the DRAGS!!!
Stu got intot the final agaisnt a proper drag bike with the puller up thing on the back and all!!!
He dialled in 7 seconds, as he'd been running 7.2, 7.4, so thought he would be safe with 7!!
Guess what!!
He ran a 6.87!!!
So of course, he was faster than his dial in and LOST!! Well, got second anyway!!
He ran the fastest time the club has had on a bike!!! How awesome is that!!!
Bit scary though!!!!
So now there is another drags trophy in the cabinet... getting quite a collection now!!!

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