Monday, May 18, 2009

One of those Days... A Monday!!!

Today was definately a Monday!!!
We really need to have three day weekends, so we can have a day to recover from all our activites.
So, Monday is usually house cleaning day, but who wants to do that right?
So I txt the girls to see who wants to do coffee?
Brenda was having some time in town this morning, so we met for coffee at the Verdict.
I came home and started cleaning the house and then Stu mentioned that we should go out to lunch.... Ok, whos gonna knock that back..
And then Monday kicked in...
the Dental Surgery rang, they had a cancellation, would i like to come in the have my filling today!! Hmm, ok. (First wrong answer!!)
So we go to lunch, i come home and finish cleaning the house before heading to the dentist.
I told him that i am here for the filling. He had talked to me about getting a crown, which is thousands of dollars. We decided, no, we would just have it filled.
So I told the dentist, i wanted it filled, but then he sugested maybe a stainless steel crown!! I instantly thought YUK!!! I hate the taste of those silver fillings and any stainless steel in my mouth!! yukko!!!
So i delayed in telling him no... I asked if i could ring Stu and he laughted at me. He said ok, I will make the decision for you, you will have th stainless steel crown.
Oh, i asked about price too. He said the S/S crown was cheaper than a filling at $137.
So i did as i was told.
He grinded away until i started jumping too much, and then he deadened the tooth. I hate the deadner!!!
So after he grinded most of whats left of my tooth away, he tried to fit the crown. As the crowns are ready made, they have to make the tooth fit the crown.
So after trying 4 different sizes and really jamming them all onto my tooth and then crow baring them off, he sees that the crown dont suit my tooth.
He cant fit one.
So now i have no tooth, and no option but the thousands of dollars worth of crown when all i agreed to was a $137 proceedure!!!
So i am getting booked in again to get a (whats that stuff they make the temporay teeth out of - composet) thats it. He is making me a composite crown, which is something that they make as a temporary while ordering the real one?
So rather than just getting a cheap filling that will last me the next 10 years, i now have a tooth thats grinded right down, is sore!!! (My tooth WASNT sore - it just had a hole in it!!) and guess what?
All this crap cost me $90!!!! And i have come out worse than what i was when i went in!!
Im so cranky about it!!!
I should have just said NO, just fill it!!! I tell you, I have learnt my lesson about being assertive!!!
I tried to eat a bickie on it tonight and the nerve pain was incredible!!! I didnt have any pain before!!! But now its been grinded down to nothing, it hurts like a bastard!!
What do i do though? Im so pissed off about it!! I only have ONE tooth in the bottom of my jaw and it was just distoryed!!!!
So, anyway, I got my house clean, all the washing done, did breakie and then lunch, went to tafe and to the dentist and did an hour at the gym and cooked tea for the family, so all in all the day was pretty productive, except for the dentist trip!!!


lindy said...

oh Jodi what a day you've had...hope you tooth settles down

kerry said...

Jodi i would have wanted to ring his neck.I have the same prob with a tooth at the moment i have to go back Wednesday im telling him that i have spent enough money on it and he can pull it out i dont think he will be happy.Take care Kerry xx

Brenda said...

Please tell me which dentist you went to so I don't take any member of my family there!!!

Hope you feel better soon.

phillipa said...

Geez Jodi you have had a horrible day! I used to hate dentists and I had to be put to sleep to have any work done but now it's no problem really. I have a fab dentist!

Joanne said...

Jodi this is why I hate dentists,I have a tooth that they want to put a crown on, but I opted just for a filling, now I'm waiting for it to collapse. So I know exactly how you feel. I hope you get your tooth problem sorted out without too much pain.


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