Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Cooked Something YUMMY!!!

Ive got a couple of things to blog about tonight.....
OMG! Have you seen this movie? It at the Video shop now, stars Will Smith.
I cant even tell you what its about, as it will give the story away, but beleive me, its awesome!!!
I bawled my eyes out!! No Joke! So Beautiful!
And what a very versatile and talented actor this bloke is...
Get it!!!!

2. I cooked something yummy for tea tonight!!
Im patting myself on the back because im so clever!!!
(Im not much of a cook you see)
I bought slow cooker about 8 years ago, but could never figure out what to do with it. I tired a few recipies that were in the distruction book..... but nothing that we would try again.
Then when i was at Woollies yesterday, I saw these sachets for the Slow Cooker.
Perfect for me!!
And so easy!!!
So i put a curry chicken on at about 1.oopm and tonight it was perfect.
All the family loved it!!!
That doesnt happen at our house. Anything Stu likes the kids hate and visa versa. But they all have to eat whats infront of them and be thankful for it!! So they just wade their way through if they dont like it!!!
I took a photo of Emelias after she played in it for a while...
Doesnt look that flash.. but look how tender that chichen is... That was chicken pieces too!!!
Sorry, forgot to get a photo. WIll owe you one.
Anyway was VERY happy with the results this week!! Lost about 1.2kg which is awesome for me!! I havnt moved in so very long!!!
But ive been to the gym everynight after tea!! I do 20 minutes on the bike which burns about 100 Calories and then 20 minutes on the corss trainer which burns over 200 Calories.. Im thinking i should jsut do 40 minutes on the cross trainer!!!
Then i call into Maccas on ther way home and get a coffee as my treat!!!
But ive been so tired since i started it!!! I find it really hard to get out of bed of a morning!! And my legs ache.. but that will improve with time!!!


balloons n stuf said...

I couldn't cope with out my slow cooker, I come home at lunch time and fill the pot with all the goodies, I turn it onto low and then when craig comes home at 4.30 he boots it up to high. I just hate it when I don't get a lunch break and when I come home I have to decide what to have for tea 'cause that is when I will resort to the takeaway. Continental hotpot packets are good too especially the curry I reckon.

lindy said...

Wtg Jodi you rock

Lisa A said...

Way to Go Jodi I am very very proud of you, well my diet went out the door this week, will blog on the weekend about it, i am having trouble accessing your blog at the moment for some reason it wont let me click on the link i can only access it from other peoples blogs. Thats bloody computers for you


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