Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Saturday at home

After a week (or So) of being frightened of Cyn,
Stu lowered her for me this morning...
So now the seat of the bike is much lower and it allows me to put my whole foot on the ground, just makes me feel a little more secure....
Once i regain some confidence, we will raise it again....
(This is an older photo, but see the back bit over the back tire... That sits much lower now and there isnt much room between the back mud guard and tire)

So then we took it for a run to Emerald Hill and around back through Gunnedah. All up about 50 kms. A few sweeping corners etc.
OMG!! This bike is so good to ride. There is no wind on your body... But you can hear it buzzing past your helmet!!!
But i had a good ride, and i think once i do a couple more rides, i will have regained some confidence.
Im fine with slow riding, its just the fast stuff!!! but im not even gonna attempt anything fast until i am really happy with how i am riding.
I stuck around that 90 - 110 today. Stu got up to 240, but we wont talk about that!!!
Hes a bad bad boy!!
He will get a spanking later!!!!

Emelia played netball and won!!! Yay!! Im so surprised at how great she plays, compaired to softball!!! I kept yelling out "Good Catch" emelia, and Sharon (Another Mum) would say "you sound surpised!!", I am!!! She enjoys netball!!!!

Then later on this arvo i went to the gym.
Did 5 minutes on the bike, 50 minutes on the cross trainer and jogged for 5 mins on the treadmill. I will build up the treadmill time gradually!! My ankle really isnt strong enough yet!
But i burned over 600 calories!!!
While i was there, they have a tv attached to the equipment and i was watching Max (We dont have Austar - so its a bit of a novetly!!!)
They had a feature on Bon Jovi, top 10 video clips.
OMG! I so used to LOVE Jon Bon Jovi!!!!
But that hair!!
Do you remember it!!! But so sexy!! Those outfits they wore... Ah, brings back so many memories... 1987 what a year!!!

Then in the 90s his look got a bit more cleaned up!!
Holy dooley, wasnt he SEXY!!!!
The there was another program that had some other widow clips and for the first time ever, I saw the Rock Lobster Video Clip by B52s. They were so feaky!!! 1979!! I was in year 6 at school!!! So long ago!!
So that was my day!!
I was hoping to scrap and get some packing done for the retreat.... Maybe tomorrow!!
Im running out of time!!!
Gotta wash and clean the car tomorrow!!!

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Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi
Wish I was coming with you...But Have to work...But did manage to scrap last night...Just updated the blog about my weigh in make sure you go and have a look and thanks for leaveing that comment for kosmo

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