Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentines Day Prep....

Today i was blowing up and sealing 300 little red hearts for valentines day. Its so cute, the kids in the high school give them out every year!!!
They are a huge job to do, they all need to be heat sealed with a sealing press which is so touchy. the temperature has to be just right!!! I dont know how many i have distoryed over the years getting the temperature right!!!

So this is todays photo... Day 237....

Here is a fun layout i did the other night. With those funky picklet photos the kids took..... Just a bit of fun, nothing too serious!!!

So that was my monday.... No cleaning... house will have to wait til next week!!!


Brenda said...

Those heart balloons are so cute.

Julie said...

Love the heart balloons. What a great idea for the school kids!


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