Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 247.....What a Day!!!!

Well, I think its fair enough to say that it has been an absolute f$#&n prick of a day for me today!!!!

As I was blogging last night my computer had a bit of a melt down.... i turned it off and i couldnt start it again...... and then the banging started!!! oh no!!!!

Took it into the doctors today and he anounced that the hard drive has crapped itself...... there goes all my stuff!!!!

I mourned my lost photos all day!!! I cried, and cried and bawled and snotted and wanted to vomit!! honestly my life is my photos......

It made me extremely depressed all day.. I didnt do a thing, not even the washing up!!!!

Upon a check up this afternoon - after crying all day, the computer guy said he was in the process of doing a backup!!! WHAT!!!! you can save my stuff!!!! I have been bawling all day!!!!!

So hopefully it wasnt computer lingo for something other than NOT being able to save all my photos - but we will see tomorrow..... Fingers crossed!!!!

This is my photo for the day.... Day 247...

Notice the fake smile...... Id been bawling all morning!!!!

Anyway, I had to play softball tonight. I turned up, arm all wrapped and bat left handed.... Should have done that all along...... But got out each time anyway!! Damn!!!

DH has set up his spare laptop for me, so im not computer less... just fileless....

Seeya tomorrow... Going to my happy place now to scrap.

1 comment:

kerry said...

Jodi i hope your arm is feeling better.Sorry to hear about the dog hugs to your mum.And i hope your puter is ok.


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