Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 239.. I picked the total wrong day to start jogging again!!!

Today has been such an absolutely hectic day......

The day before Valentines Day is almost as bad as Valentines day!! LOL

So i got up early and went for a walk up to the lookout, i dont know how far it is... make 2 1/2 kms, up hill... And then i decided to jog home - i used to do this all the time before christmas, but havnt for a while......

So here is my daily photo,- with my ipod - just down from the hill all hot and sweaty!!! Glamourus hey!!! Not!!!

Check out that damn pimple. I tried to explode it last night... now its just a pussy scabby mess!!!! Yukko!!!

So anyway, today was so busy with balloons and orders for valentines day!! I mean like really really hectic. All the phones going, people coming and going and then on the phone to the school about dd!!! Grrr

This was a delivery i did for a new baby boy!!!! $60 of wonderful value for money dont you think!!!

Here is the first of many Valenties Day deliveries. This was was an early bird....

This is a signing balloon. You touch it and it plays "Wild thing", like rockn roll style!! So great!!! 50 bucks and the balloon is HUGE!!!

Here are some cute flowery things. Im no florist believe me, but people like the balloon and silk combination.... who am i to argue!!!

All of these will have a giant shape balloon coming out the top when they are delivered tomorrow...

Ok, thats it for me today. I may or maynot see you tomorrow..... Depends on how exhausted i am!!! Seeya


Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

Hope all goes well tomorrow cheers Meg

kerry said...

wow you busy beaver,and what has your treasure been upto now lol.Have a lovely day .take care Love Kerry xx


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