Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 235....... Scrapping the weekend away.....

Ive been having a lovely weekend with the boys away.... House is locked up tight and i am scrap scrap scrapping!!!!
Visiting all the on-line scrap forums seeking challenges..... I found a great cc this weekend, so i have been there....
I love being challenged and forced to do things you wouldnt normally do.

For example, the below layout "Elegance & Grace" was a challenged called Grandmas sewing box. We had to use items out of our sewing box to complete the page!!!

The last thing i made was a dance costume for emelia. The only fabric i had was silver lycra... which just happened to suit what she wore to the disco last night... luckily.

So i have sewn the lycra to the pp, some ricrac and other bits and pieces from the box and there you have it. I did use a petall flower and chipboard for the title, but that was it for scrapbooking stuff!!!

Here is a layout i did for CyberScraps.... Breaking Hearts.. This is what she wore to the swimming carnival on saturday!!!

Now for todays photo.... Day 235....

The intention when i got out of bed this morning was to go straight to my scrap table and stay there.... in my larmies until i had to do a balloon function this afternoon...

Then the phone rang.. A lady wanted a wedding consultation in 5 minutes!!! #@!*
So quickly into the shower and got dressed, had jsut about finished doing my hair and she was at the door!!!

So there was my day, over by 10.30!! So i ironed.... How boring is that...

Now i am up til god knows what hour to get my designated scrapping in before hubby gets home tomorrow..... work work work.... Its all good but!! LOL

Seeya tomorrow, where hopefully i will still be in my jarmies also!!!

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