Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In Memory of Min........

Min "Minnie" was a little dog that has seen so much......
Shes been a very dear companion to so many people throughout her life, making very special friends where ever she went.
She was 14 years old with a few health complaints, but generally a very happy little dog.
She was Mums little dog.
Sadly though, Min passed away this morning after a bit of rough and tumble with one of their other dogs.
Of course this is devistating to the whole family and the many friends Min made, but especially to two very special people, Mum and my little brother Gary.
So lets have a minutes silence for this special little dog......

I also went to the doctor today to find out about the damage i have done to my arm during softball last week!!
I wrecked it!!
I tore the muscle.... hence the bruising all down my arm. Where the muscle had torn away from where ever, it bled out and has gone right down to my wrist and up past my elbow!!
So im out of action for 4 weeks..... So, as i am a week away from my busiest two months with weddings, than thats real handy!!!!

And this is my photo for the day. day 245.......
Hoping to get some scrapping done tonight....

Oh, I finished reading the BEST book!!! The Call of the High Country by tony Parsons!! Excellent book!!! Highly recommeded
Seeya tomorrow

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Kat Browne said...

Min was beautiful, hun. She'll definately be missed. Love to you and your family.

As for your arm, OUCH. That looks really painful. How long will it take to heal up??

You take care!


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