Friday, February 8, 2008

"Lets Ride"................................

My boys are doing this weekend what i did in November.... There off for a weekend with people they have never met, but known for ages on the Buell Forum...

There of to "Stinkfest"!!!!!

Three days of riding along winding coastal roads is their idea of heaven!!!!

Stu hasnt slept all week with anticipation and now has rode of with an exploding eye headache he calls it... and after thundering along on his very thumpy loud bike, it just gonna get worse... poor dear!!!

Im so excited for them and i am sure they will have the total BEST weekend!!!! A life experience weekend for my son!!

Warming up and ready to go....

This is me today.... Day 234, just after they thundered out of the driveway!! Do i looked pleased :( maybe a little as i am scrapping all weekend now!! YAY!!! That is if i can avoid fighting with my daughter.... always an ongoing monthy ordeal if you get my meaning!!!??? :(

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