Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 238...... No TV Tonight!!! Must scrap!!

Ok, hands up how many of your are becoming addicted to "so you think you can dance"...... talk about HOT!!!! Smok'in!!!
Some of those guys!!!!
I have my fav, and no doubt i share this with many other people. he is a real cutie.. I forget his name, but the one aboriginal dude that does those awesome emotion charged dances!! hes gorgeous and hot!!
And i am NOT watching tonight... honestly its taking up so much of my scrapping time!! Come on - priorities.... I didnt realise it was on everynight. How is a person supposed to get any scrapping done....

Anyway, here is todays photo... day 238.......

Notice that HUGE pimple!! Mount Everest of pimples!!!!! And this is a good angle, you should see it front on!!! Whoooow Nelly!!!!

Seeya tomorrow where you will be updated on the pimple saga... will we see an eruption????

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