Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentines Day to all....

Did cupid visit you????

He forgot about me in a gift sense, but my darling hubby doned the Balloon Shirt complete with pink and green balloons to do my deliveries, so i cant be too hard on him.. Its all i ask for to show his love to me every year and i am very pleased with that arrangement.

I was in my workshop blowing up balloons from 6.00am to 6.30pm tonight and then headed straight down to play a great game of softball!! My legs were like jelly!! Hardly eaten a thing all day - and today was the day i pick to slog the softball and have to sprint the bases!!!!

No amount of "run legs run" would get them going any faster!! I had so much lactic acid built up i was so verging on letting all the contents of my empty tummy on the lose!!! And i am sooo sore now!!!!

Anyway, here is my official photo for the day.... Day 240....

Notice, i dont need a balloon shirt as i am the balloon "lady" and they all know me!! BEsides, i didnt leave the damn shed!!!

Mum and Stu did all the running around!!!
Here is a photo that mum took!! this balloon was so gorgeous... It sings and lights up!! Truely awesome!! It sings "Endless Love"

Here are a couple of the charactors that came out of my shop today.....
"I love every inch of you..."

"Your my main Squeeze" Too cute!!!

The hot air balloons are always popular. this balloon cant fit into the door of a car!!! Its like 1 mtr round and stands proabably 2mtrs high

This one went out to the Shire Depot today!!! A real hoot!!!

SO that was my eventfull, very tiring day....
Im off to sleep for tomorrow now.... seeya Saturday!! Yeah right...
Dont forget the CyberScraps on-line class on Saturday.. Gorgepus little "Love Is" album....

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