Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 246

Ive been trying to get some scrapping done all day today, but first i had to do a wedding quote and organise some supplies for a wedding next weekend....

Well, I organised the stuff for next weeekends wedding, but didnt gte the quote done. I gave up and will do it tomorrow...

Ive been in a bit of pain with my arm today and so have had to take some pain killers and they just make me too brain dead!!! Cant do accurate quotes like that!!!

But i did get my final pack layout done and will upload it tomorrow....

Also, CyberScraps are having a cybercrop this weekend.... so dont forget to join in!!!!

This is my photo for the day... day 246.

Like my new pink top from Millers!!!! I spilt bleach on it!!! First day ive worn it!!! Bloody typical.. But lucky it was a millers top and not one from the exclusive boutiques..... That brown boat neck blouse i wear is a boutique one... dont wanta spill nuthin on that!!!!! LOL

Mums still really upset about Min... as you would be....


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