Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 243 - A day of clowning around....

Last nights "Love is" tag class at CyberScraps went well.. We had a couple of participants, but there was still room for more....

Keep an eye out for March's class... We will be doing a layout using cardstock, no patterned paper.....

I did the clown routine for a friends 1 year old son today.... Went in and did balloon twisting - the kids were sweet which is a bonus!! Most kids are real horrors which is why ive given up doing the clown - its just not fun!!! Some kids are horrible little creatures who's parents seam to think that because they pay money to have a clown do an appearance at a party, kids can feel free to do the whole crusty the clwon form the simpsons routine and they sit back and laugh!! Quite frankly, hitting and kicking kids and kids being allowed to scream abuse at a person being paid to entertain them is not acceptable no matter how much they are charged!! Its down right rude!!

But these ones today were little angels thankfully.

Theres a bit of a yarn to this one and scrapbookers will apreciate it... I did a clown routine about 4 years ago my my firends older child for their 1st birthday and the scrapbooks just wont be the same without a clown photo in the younger siblings scrapbook!!!

Happy 1st birthday Thomas... although it was really on Feb 14th....

So this is todays photo!!!! (Dont laugh too hard, you'll give yourself a tummy ache!!!)

This is the fun i had over the rest of the weekend. all up i did i think 6 doubles and a single. Hate the single, it was a sketch challenge... and i dont have the interest in fancying it up at all.. SO it wont go on the blog as i dont like it!!

this was was a pack i purchased and changed a bit to suit me...

"A girls gotta have Pink" I like this one... I wonder why????

This one is called "Rite of Passage" and it was also a pack i bought.. but quite altered as i used different colours.... Looks great but!! Very boyee"

Well, i think my three week softball career is over. I ahve done a bit of damage to my forearm on the right.....

I woke up yesterday to some very deep bruising on the forearm and elbow. I have strained the ligament in this arm each game and then the last game its tore..... I can move it ok, but cant straighten my arm. If i put this kind of pressure on it again before it heals i will ruin my arm!!! So i guess i have to make an early retirement. I havnt told the team yet??

Good thing mum got her photos last week!!!

I'll share some in the memory of my lost career!!!
Here i am slogging the ball!!! Just before the ligament tore!!!

Here i am running home with Ben right on my tail who actually hit the home run!! I had a one base headstart and he still caught me!!!

That look it due to the total pain in my legs not my arrm!!! LOL

Well see whats instore tomorrow

Seeya then


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Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

Love what you have done with Pip's Packs.. I've just started to use mine and are loving the results. Should have some layouts up on the blog tomorrow. Cheers Meg

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