Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy 42nd Birthday Stu!!!

Its my darling hubbys birthday today!!!!

So we had a special tea tonight. Im not much of a cook, but what i do cook i cook well!!!
Stus favorite food is lamb shanks in a plum sausy thing that i do... Here it is!! Its like sooooo yummy!!!
No Jenny Food for me tonight!!!!

Look how happy he looks!!!

And so excited!!!

Stu is like soooo hard to buy for!!! no, i mean really hard.
You know when people open a present and they dont like it, but they pretend they do so you feel ok??? Well, Stu doesnt have a problem telling you how much he hates your present and he hates everything i have ever bought him!!!
At christmas I even bought some Draggin Jeans with kevlar made for riding motorbikes..... $200 worth... even they were wrong!!!! He wanted a shorter pair for stout people..... (Which they dont make by the way!!!)
So I told him that i am never buying him another present that he hasnt chosen himslef. NO more suprises from me!!!
So i went looking for something and would ring him, wouyld you use this power tool - no!! WOuld you use this power tool - no!!!
So guess what he got.
* A poly fuel container thing for the lawn mower
* Motorbike washing stuff (Which by the way was still half wrong.... even though thats what he asked for)
* Two t shirts... "Rusty" ones... not cheap!!! The first one had pink on it and he wont wear pink... (It was a pink skull by the way) The other was a black one that he thought felt too hot for a summer shirt!!!!
SO what does one do????
Even though he keeps saying no more chocolate or marshmellows - he complains when there is none... so he got them anyway!!! They are being eaten as i type!!!

Of course theres always use for the present decorations!!!

This is my photo for the day.... Day 244......

OK, I admit, im loving so I think you can dance!!!!
Those guys are amaising!! There moves are awesome and the b boys!! WOW!!! Who knew they could be so sexy!!

So im very sad tonight that they are sending Khaly home. I must admit that i didnt vote for him, i voted for another two couples....... I'l be more careful next week!!!
Good luck with your dacing future Khaly. Im not at all Courtney went home... SHe was a great dancer but hasnt shown as much improvement as some of the others...

Seeya tomorrow!!

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