Saturday, February 23, 2008


I appologise up front now for my long winded post today.... But i think all the scrapbooking public need a reminder!!

We at CyberScraps decided that would we have a NATIONAL BACKUP YOUR PHOTOS DAY!!!

All this came about when on Thursday night my computer refused to continue its work and i had to shut it down - when trying to start it up again, there was a shudder, a wheer and a bump and it refused to open.... Damn...

After several attempts, we decided it was time to take it to the Doctor at which point my husband asked me....."Are all your back ups up t date" he had actually bought an external hard drive for all the backups when we had the same problem in July last year!!!

They werent!!

Id backed up til December 2007 my photos but nothing of my data since July last year!!!

We took the computer to the doctor and he announced that after checking, the hard drive was broked and he would endevour to try and save the files i needed, but wasnt promising everything...

I came home and cried like a broken hearted person all day!!! I mean cried and snotted on my bed all day!! What is it going to take for me to save my photos!!!

Thankgoodness, after a very long 36 hours, i learnt that my photos and files were saved!!! My darling husband bought me a new computer as well as my own external hard drive where i will keep all backups....

SO after such a close call, we really need to BACKUP OUR PHOTOS!!!! Do it NOW!!!

The following are a few things ive been upto this last couple of days.

Did this wonderful giantshape delivery yesterday to a ladies workplace... After making the grand entrance and announcing that Kim was 40 today I asked everyone to join in a chorus of Happy Birthday!! Kim was so embarrased and due to the laughing i didnt get past Happy Birthday to you!!! Too funny!!

Here was another giantshape bunch for a guy that had been promoted in his workplace!! A huge congrats to him and dont drink all the champers at once!!!!

This is a bunch i did for a wedding today, Its a just married double bubble bunch complete with balloon, spikes and dove base...very cute...

CyberScraps are having their monthly cibercrop this weekend.... Here are a couple of layouts so far...

Jodi's Challenge - Your/A greatest love and journalling of at least 50 words:

Mine is "Close Call" My photos are a great love and this is what i have scrapped.

Lu's challenge is Humour,

Whats more Humourous than Jodi playing softball!!!!

Mine is "Run legs run"

Now todays photo day 249....... here it is.... same as usual, one day I will come up with something different and surprise you all!!! Although I did attempt one with the balloons, butt he colo0urs in the balloons made my face look all horrible!! Not going to make that public knowledge!! LOL

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