Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 248.... Early blogging today

Thse who read my blog yesterdaywill recall i had a crap of a day!!!
So i was very surprised when i sat down to scrap last night that i came up with this layout!!!
I had to use a photo i had, as mine are GONE!!!! I got this off Cass when i was in Brisbane.
I thought Id better do a cyberscraps layout as i ahvnt done one for a week or so and here it is.... tada!!!!
And it was ohh-la-la too... Very appropriate rubon i think!!!

And here is my photo for the day day 248......

I know, same thing everyday.. but im just a boring kinda person you know....

Gotta iron today, got a big delivery to do round morning tea time, still have to have breakie and tidy up a bit.

CyberScraps CC is on tonight, so i ahve to get my thinking cap on for a challenge i proposed!!!!!!

Seeya later


Kat Browne said...

Heya sweetie, LOVE LOVE LOVE the page. Very cool, love how you used flowers, love absolutely EVERYTHING about it lol.

As for the photo, pfft. It's not the same old same old, dear. And you're certainly not boring. There are only so many poses someone can do while holding the camera. By the way, love the necklace!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you about the computer. Hopefully they can save everything.

See you at the crop!

Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

Love the necklace Jodi and love the page. I might do something like that and use some of my flowers up. Cheers Meg

kerry said...

I just love the layout look at us all,arnt we just the picture.You should put this in one of the mags i'm not sure which one but it is in the front section intrducing scrapping friends some thing like that.It might be for keeps.


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