Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Week 15

Week 15 has been quite successful as far as the whole wieght loss thing goes!!!!
So far on Jenny, Ive lost 3.8kg and 13cm which is great!!!
Ive been on Jenny for 4 weeks apparently!!
Here is my photo.....
Josh's gf stayed a few days with us over Easter....
Josh took her out for tea through the week.. here they are all dressed up!! Well his gf is, Josh put some jeans on!!
He is such a dag! And so needs a hair cut!!!

So a few updates:

1. Mum is doing really well. She wants me to pass on her thanks to all who left messages.. So thank you!!!

2. If someone runs into your car, you MUST get their name, licence no, phone number, address, policy number, and licence plate no. If you dont you will STILL have to pay excess!!!

3. Car is waiting ot get booked in for fixing. Process usually takes about 2 months!!

4. MICHELLE - here is the link for the Keepit Retreat!! Here

Ok, thats it for me!!

I wont be around for a few days. Im heading to the Coast for a Wedding!! Well, not quite but it should be awesome fun!!! Lookout for the photos on Tuesday!!


Cottage Rose said...

Jenny Craig?
you are doing well.


Ness said...

Looking great Jodi, beautiful photo of your and Emelia. Josh looks very happy with his gf. So glad Margie is doing better. Love Ness

Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi
YOur looking amazing...Keep going,
Glad your mum is doing better please keep us posted...


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