Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The boys are back in town!!

Ever had one of those days where you think you should have jsut stayed in bed???
I had one today!!!!
Event 1: Tried to walk upto the lookout today, and the phone just didnt stop!!!! I love doing this walk alone listening to my ipod, as i am quite unfit and i am huffing and puffing, if i cant hear myeself, than i do it so much easier!! I dunno why..
But I ran into someone and we ended up walking together and she spent the whole walk telling me how great she was!!!
Event 2: Half way up the hill, get a txt from Emelia, shes got a really bad headache and wants me to pick her up.... No dramas.
Event 3: I had to delvier an order someone made, and then was heading to the school to pick Emelia up and an Old Woman pullled out from a park after making eye contact with me and ramed me in the passanger side of my BIG GREEN FORD TERRITORY!!!
She drove away!!!!
I chased her and got her details, but what i should have done, is i did get her number plate, i should have just reported her as its a criminal offense to leave the scene of a traffic incident!!
I did go to the police station, one policman wanted to press charges and another one didnt as i did get the details.....
Event 4: Took Emelia to hospital to have her checked, as the headaches are from the fall off the horse on SUnday..... Waited for like 3 hours and then left as she needed more medicaton, there was a little kid waiting with us that screamed and made Emelias head just boom boom.
She had been Triaged, so we knew all was ok. He also gave us a document on what to look for with head injuries and she wasnt displaying any of the bad simptoms.
Event 4: Got home from the hospital and there was a message on the phone.... bad news about Joshuas job.........
But a good thing happened, and the boys got home in one piece!!!
Stu was just saying that one of the guys going to the April Fools Run was killed on the way there... Such a tragedy!!!
Here are some of the photos....
It rained and rained and rainded.... FLoods all around where they were type rain!!!
Here is some of the camp..... Oh and they WERE CAMPING IN THIS!!!!
Typical photos he bought me home to that im supposed to scrap.. Just lots of photos of bikes.. Not many people!!!
Here are some bikes...

And here are a few that tripped up with Stu... This is Renee on the dinotune... Renee is one of the guys that quiet offens wins the drags....

See the rain coming down though over the tent!!!

Things going well with Jenny!! Taking the whole exercise thing a bit more serious. I have walked to the lookout "Porky Walk" for the last two days and jogged home... Im so sore tonight, i can barely carry myself.... But i will get fitter....

I do get so inspired by the fat show... On one hand Im pleased oim not heavy enough to qualify for the show, but gos wouldnt it be good too loose all your weight in 3 months!!!

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