Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anuka Beach Resort..............The BEST place for a break away!!!

I booked into the Anuka Beach Resort at Coffs for their weekend escape package!!!
OMG!! This was the total best thing i have done for a while!!!
Except my partner was my daughter and not my husband... it would have been so nice with Stu!! :(
This is looking from the Reception building to our room which is the roof you can see.. We were right near everything!!!

This is the little chapel they use for weddings.. There were 3 weddings while we were there... They all used the same decorator!!! She must be so busy all the time!!!
This is the lagoon pools..
They have a little cafe adjoining the pool area that serves all your coffees and cakes and things, plus meals and drinks!! Great spot!!
This was the view from our front door overlooking the pool area and then out to the ocean.

This bed was HUGE!! And so comfortable!! I didnt wake up with a sore back once!! I want this bed!!! I am taking the photo from the spa room which is below......

This is from the beach side of the resort. The dining room is the windows you can see. We started the day on the veranda eating a delicious breakfast and overlooking the beach!! it was totally divine!!!
I had pancakes, bacon and scrabled eggs each day!!! DIdnt i wake up looking for those this morning!!!
Here is the view from the beach..
There was also a fair share of wildlife!! This little guy hung around a bit... as well as his younger brothers and many many bush turkeys!!

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