Saturday, April 4, 2009


I took a nice long ride on Lily today and i have to say, i am feeling more and more confident on her....
The riders course today was cancelled due to the rain, but they are having another one tomorrow for me... so i will head over then!!
Hopefully it wont be raining!!
I gotta do my P's course before 1st June......
Otherwise i have to stay on the smaller bike for a year and Stu wants to get me a Triumph street triple or something to take to Tazzy!!! Thats a 900 cc or smoething like that.. Its all chiseese to me.. But Gary will know what i am talking about... hey Gaz????
Anyway, I rode around town and went up to Porky!!
This is the lookout I walk too when i am feeling energetic!!!
And here i am in my new pink jacket....Mum did get full length pictures, but i cant even photoshop them to look nice!!
Im so fat and discusting!!
Really gonna have to pull the figer out with this whole Jenny Craig thing.....
WHere on earth did i pull the motivation form to stick to it for two years!! I cant even get past bloody two weeks!!! GRRR!!
I get so damn cracnky with myself!!!

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