Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some moments to share

Emelia and i went shopping at Coffs.. Gotta tell you, very disappointing!!!
But we did see this...
One young girl was carting him around like an accesory...
She is about 12 months old and just wraps herself around this girls waist like a belt to go shopping!!!
I held it. It was so soft and not scaly like youd think!! She was so funny, just like a typical pet. She knew her owner and went looking for her, tucking its head under her arm or near her ear!! Weird!!!

This is my little mate. He is my friend Tracys son... He didnt like me as much as he did last trip.. But didnt mind having his photo taken!!
Isnt he lovely!! Love those eyes..
This is another bit of Photography course homework!

Emelia and i went for a midnight swim in the heated pool!! We usually jump in the spa, but for some reason they had emptied it out and it was cold... So we came home and filled our own spa with lovely hot water and heaps of bubbles.. We both jumped in with our swimmers on!!! So nice... Its empty in this photo... Emelia wanted to play in the bubbles!!!
Dontcha just love these industrial little crabs... Look at all those balls of sand!! Must have taken so long... And they are so little.... I did get a photo of one...

We went beach walking and checking out the surfer dudes!!!
Got some great photos.... This wasnt homework but!! LOL
This is the view of the beach at Anuka!! lovely!!


Tracey said...

Looks like you had a great time. We went to a wedding at Anuka it is lovley there. Love your LO's

Lisa A said...

What can I say but, I reckon you both had a great time, Can i come in your suitcase next time, Love your layouts, have heard that Anuka Beach Resort is the place to stay....Talk soon

Joanne said...

good to have you back the blog world not the same without you. I just have to go to that resort it looks fantastic, I can just see myself relaxing in that spa.


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