Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Busy Sunday

Ive been scrapping up a STORM lately!!
But i cant show you any of it!!
This last few days i have done like 11 layouts and a mini album...
But here are a couple i CAN share.....
This one is the 123 Challenge Layout:
Use at least 2 stamps and stamping techniques,
Paint splattering &
Use scrap paper from your stash!
Here is my layout....
"Sweet as can be"
Millie did this awesome mystery layout last night at the
Scrap with V Cybercrop!!!!
Its "Busy Bee"
Today was another busy day... it always seems to be such on a weekend here....
First of all we had the Pony Clb Rally Day...
As usual, there were lots of sporting...

This was the Flag barrel or something...]
Solo thought hed do emelia the favour of getting the flag for her... and then promply dropped it!!!!
Thanks Solo!!!
Then the jumping!!
Emelia had to be graded today... she is graded E grade!!
Shes confident at this height...
This photo is the preview before she hit the dirt!!
It was bound to happen, she hasnt come off Solo yet...
She hit her head a bit hard and its still sore... I dont think theres any concussion or anything like that... Shes fine. But they are very soft my kids, they really havnt experienced much pain other than broken hearts....
Solo just trotted back into troup line!! So funny!!
But she got right back on him and did another three rounds of jumps..
She did very well!!!

Also, this afternoon i rode to Tamworth on Lily to attend some private riding lessons... Poor Lily, shes too big on the front to negotiate the weaving and 5.5m u turn!! I had to use one of the Hire bikes!! So it looks like to get my P's, I will have to hire another bike!!! :(

SO now, i am resting my back side and thinking about what to have for tea... After another 3.30am bed time last night, i think i migh have a couple of cruisers to intice an earlier sleep!!!


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