Monday, April 27, 2009

Do'in a 360!!

Those of you know have been following my blog for a couple of years.... (How sad is that!!)
Will know the story of my daughter and the changes she has made over the last couple of years...
One extreme to the other...

Well, this weekend saw the completion of the transformation!!!
She packed up all her horsey stuff when she was in primary school (When things really started!!)
She decided she was too old to be interested in her horsys and posters and things.

But this weekend, just randomly she went out to the shed and bought tub after tub after tub after tub of her horsey stuff back inside.

Im so pleased i kept all her posters and things, she loved her horseys..

I couldnt begin to count how many she had but lets i counted the ones on the counter and there was another two tubbs full and there was 40!!!!

Shes been busy putting her stable back together, and re saddling all the horses...
Her room is a disaster zone as is the rest of the house,
but she is so happy to be back to where she was happiest!!!!

Id say the transformation is now complete.....
This only took um, 6 years!!! (Its a long time for an adolescent to really decide who SHE wants to be isnt it!!! No wonder its so hard on them!!)
Here is a quick layout i did on the weekend, along with a few i cant show you yet!!!
Hangin with Unc.
This is from Pip Prossers Double Up Pack.


AmandaMcGregor74 said...

so glad she is happy, and glad all the stuff was safely packed away so she could find it again!

kerry said...

Jodi that is fab news an i am so glad that she has done the three 60
Take care Kerry xx

Lisa A said...

Its funny that it takes us girls a while to figure out where we want to be..I have had the same sort of thing as Emelia, but with Dolphins and my Slim Dusty collection, they now both take pride in my life with my husband and my animals..and that is how i took up scrapbooking as well, funny that, i use to have the biggest dolphin collection but now i only have a select lot of them....


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