Friday, April 3, 2009

A Girly Day

We've both been a bit crook today...
Theres a bug going round.... I went to drop Emelia at school this morning, but she was so sick, we turned around and came home again....
But we did go for a little walk, Emelia, Me & Solo... He likes to come too.
SO Emelia rode him bareback in shorts and cowboys boots!! (Great Look)
and we went for a walk around the block.
Emelia and Solo loved it!! NO pressure to perform, just a nice relaxing ride... while i walked!!!
Then Emelia decided to play with the hair straightner working on her curls and her hair looked so cute, we decided to do a photo shoot!!!
(Which is great because i am really running out of photos to scrap big time!!!)
Here are the results!!
Shes such a gorgeous girl!!!

CYbercrop on tonight at Scrap with V!!!
Stop on by!!!


phillipa said...

Gorgeous photos...and gorgeous girl

Kirsty said...



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