Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday Weigh In

I forgot about Wednesday Weight In yesterday....

I was blown away by Lisa's results but!!
She's lsot over a stone now!! How great is that!!!
Unfortunately, she is running rings around this little black duck... Well, fortunately for Lisa!! LOL

So anyway... here is the weekly photo.....
Week 14

On Monday, I gave myself a kick in the Butt!!! I told myslef, that i am kidding myself, if I call what i am doing "trying" to loose weight!!
Already Ive been going for 14 Weeks!!!!
I mean the biggest loser they are doing this in 9 weeks!! Who am i kidding!!
No -one thats who!!!

So ive been a very good girl this week, and i am walking up to the lookout daily!!!

"The Porky Walk" its called....
My legs are so sore!! But i will get stronger....
Here is the walk...
I am going to the top of that hill infront of me there.... By the time i have walked to here its about 1 km already!!!

This is about the half way to the top point...... You can see the township down there...

Here is the track i am walking on

These arnt the steep bits though.... OMG, It really kills!!
ANd here i am at the top... This was on Monday!!

So theres my diary entry for this week...

I started at a gain for the week, but then lost again and ended up .2 above last weeks weight.. Talk about two steps forward one step back!! Only its two steps back and one step forward for me!! LOL


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