Friday, April 24, 2009

Jo's 40th Birthday!!

Well, as you all know, i went to Coffs on the weekend to celebrate my good friend Jo's 40th Birthday!!
Great weekend.......
Now, i did sign a contract about confidentiality!!!
But im sure i can share a few photos without devolging any secrets!!! LOL
First of all, i made Jo her pressie...

And i made her this album.....So thats the album,
Now the party!!!!
I took my balloons and pumps and things and did up some decorations...
Look how awesome her cake was!!! Love the shoes and purse!!!
Here is a before shot of the birthday girl!!!
After she was outfitted in appropriate Hens night attire!!!
Jo made up these awesome Party Bags.... With these hats "JOs 40th", stubbie holder & wrist band with jo's 40th, a little charm for wine glasses with our name and Jo's 40th... God what else, bottled water, a bottle of Pink Wine, chocolates, a pandora charm polishing cloth, soaps, a necklace with a tag telling people that we are drunk and disorderly at jo's party!! And of course the contract!! lol What happens at Jo's 40th stays at Jo's 40th!!!!
Here is the group wearing their hats
When the decorations are no longer required, one can wear them as head attire!!!
When my baby, when my baby smiles at me i go to Rio!!!
So thats all the photos i can show you.... confidentiality and all.... LOL
But i gotta mention this one thing.....
This one particular Bouncer really needs to grow a brain!!!
It was 9.00pm, after several shots and champaige and vodka...
It was time to pack up the decorations as the night club was kicking into gear.
I had to carry all this heavy stuff downstairs
Half gone....
On 2" heels
The stairs were pretty steep.... so i took my shoes off and gave them to Trac to put in the car...
The bouncer comes up while i have all this stuff in my hands and tells me to put my shoes on!!!
I said "What??" As in "I have my hands full, im half cut going down stairs and your worried about me not wearing my 2" heals" Oh my god!!
So he repeats, "Get your shoes on"
I said, well ive kind got my hands full, im negotiating stairs half cut, and your worried about my feet!!!, Can i just get these down the stairs first" (As i was halfway)
He said "No, get your shoes on now"
I told him "Your joking right!! This stuff is heavy!!"
He said "No im not joking, get your shoes on"
I told him "Well they are in the car with my friend, i will put them on when i get to the car!!"
He said "No you have to put them on now!!"
I told him" I dont have my shoes, my friend took them to the car!!"
He said "Well, thats not my problem!!"
I told him "Well, legistically, it kinda is!! As I have to carry these the rest of the way down the stairs to the car and then put my shoes on"
He goes (can you believe it) "You have to put them on now"
At which point i proceeded to advance forward, hands full with no shoes on calling the Bouncer an idiot and to grow a brain!!!"
Honestly, didnt he have to fillout some kind of form to get the job that proves he has a brain, or did he just roll up to an employer, with his fists dragging on the ground, tongue hanging out and drooling and mumble something to the effect of:
"you to dwunk ta walk man i kill ya"
Ok, whatever you say Mr!!! Your so smart.........
(I refer to the one brainless bouncer i dealt with at the Coast Hotel, not all bouncers, im sure most are quite intellegent people just out to make an extra quid!!)

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kerry said...

Jodi the pics are fab looks like you had a great time.take care Kerryxx


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