Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome to the Family Solo

Off we went today to Kurri Kurri to have a look at Solo.....
As soon as we pulled up and saw him, both Emelia and I fell in love with him... But we didnt say anything to each other, as we were told this was to be a decision with our head, not our heart!!!

Emelia was so good about it too, and very honewst with herself about it. She didnt mind being a pain and changing bits and bridles and things to see how he moved with a different bit.

She did some flat work, some sporting and even a walk across the creek!!!!

But it was evidenced to everyone that these two belonged together....

Here he is walking through the creek... Look how happy emelia is on him... Isnt he beautiful!!!
Poor Solo, we put him in the stable tonight when we got home and the paddock is full of kangaroos tonght!! He is wide eyed checking them out. I dont think they must be as thick at Kurri Kurri as what they are here.... But he will get used to them.

Cimmi had a bit of a squeel and a kick, but they will become friends sooon enought. Cimmi is just making sure Solo knows who the boss is.....

And see what else we found this morning.... We are the koala capital!!!

Last night i attended a class being taught be the talented Jolene Pieneer..... I learnt so many things in these classes. There were three layouts, the third i will do t0night!!

This one "The Princess turns 15" I learnt that i can put crystals over flowers...

And this one.... "about a Girl"

I learnt some painting techniques, ideas for journalling, and different uses for rub ons...

Tomorrow we are fencing. Solo is used to these magnificent yards, only to come to these broken down old fences... So tomorrow we are fixing them up and taking the horses for a ride.
Apparently I am on Cimmi and bareback!!! Ok??? That might be interesting... I so need a saddle. I ahve saved up some money, jsut gotta find one that my arse will fit in!!!

Thanks for stopping by... seeya :)


kerry said...

Jodi congrats to you and Emilia on buying a horse he looks beautiful.And i love the pages you have done with the Jolene class she is an amzing scrapper i think just love her work.take care Kerry xx

Lisa A said...

hey Jodi,
I only live about 1hr from Kurri Kurri probably not even that, you should have txt me I could have come up and we could have met...Oh well maybe next time.
Welcome Solo...

Lisa A said...

Love the picture of the cuddly Koala, i would like to own one of these cuddly fur babies

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