Friday, October 3, 2008


Last night was such a sad night for those kids at Pony Camp. There was an accident and one of the kids were flown off to Newcastle in the Childflight Helicopter....

Its a far cry from the "Old Days". I remember when i was younger at a rodeo, there was an accident involving a bull!! He jumped the fence and crushed a person in the crowd. Off in the ambulance by road... no fast trip to Newcastle or anything... Im not sure what the outcome for that person was, i was a teenager and too self absorbed!! But it was bought back to mind with last nights accident.
How lucky we are now to have such great services availble to us... Lets always not forget and show our support....

Today I was helping judge Show Jumping!! I so love the jumping. It was 6 hours of hot sun, but my goodness, it was great watching.
Unfortunately, I didnt get any photos... too busy timing!!!
But Emelia went quite well. She got to the Jump Off round, but unfortunately Aramac knocked a pole.... Her time was great though... The optimum time was 85 and the closest to that wins etc... Emelia was 86.36..... there was a jumper with 85.94 so she was in the ribbons - however the knock eleminated her from the final round.... bit sad - but she is learning!!!

This afternoon was time to fancy up the horses....

There were certainly some fun and games amoungst them...Emelia is here making Aramac all pretty!! His shoulder is still giving him trouble.. But if she takes it easy, he might survive tomorrow.

Poor Matt though. Bes (Matts Horse) is having some back problems due to an illfitting saddle and unfortunately wont be finishing camp. Matt rode a borrowed horse today, and we are hoping he can ride that tomorrow too... but he is really dissappointed - as you would expect.

And after a full day jumping, setting up and pulling down, it was wedding time for me... So Mum and I went upto the club this arvo to get this done.

Tomorrow I have 2 weddings and a 21st... So its a pretty big Saturday. Stus on Pny Camp duty!! Im done and Survived it!!! Thank goodness.

Another wedding on Sunday and i will ahve survived another long weekend... They are always hard work with weddings and functions.. but this one was made so mum more difficult due to the pony club stuff.... But i survived!!!

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Lisa A said...

I pray that the child that got hurt at pony camp is ok.....I hope it wasn't too hot there yesterday for you it was about 34 here.


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