Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Pony Camp.... are you bored yet??

Today I Pony Camped from 6am to 8pm!!!! Kitchen duty... anyone who knows me well, knows that the kitchen isnt my favorite place....

And guess what?? I burnt the chicken nuggets too...... But Shhh, dont tell anyone - we threw them away!!!!

But it was a good day to be there all day as Aramac had shoulder problems and Emelia was a bit upset by it all.

She had to not ride him all morning, while we was dosed up with some anti-inflamitaries. But honestly, I cant speak highly enough of the volunteers to help the kids and the horses at camp. Eveyone with the power to do so today, went over and above anything we could have wished for to help emelia and aramac. Emelia was given comfort and reassurance by her troop leaders and by the head instructor...
Aramac was cared for as idf he were their horse. There is a horse manipulator there who is giving her time to help Aramac stretch every morning to perpare for the day ahead... These guys are the most wonderful people and i really feel privilidged to have seen people at their best. We dont often see people at their best, and we usually only hear the bad stuff - never the good stuff... But i was very pleased to be able to see this wonderful bringing together of skills for a little girl and her horsey!!! It was lovely.

Anyway, after a rest, some stretching and some good drugs, Aramac was in fine form this afternoon.
Emelia was jumping D grade jumps. Considering at the Jumping School a couple of months ago she was graded F, she is tickled pink!!! The instructors are so pleased with her progress. She will be graded E due to Aramacs shoulder and Emelias inexperience, but next year will be a whole different story.

Here she is jumping D grade jumps.

Tonight saw the team penning event. A team of three riders have to cut out and pen three cows, the fastest time wins.
Emelia didnt participate in the practise this morning as Aramac was resting, so she did really well in the comp. I thin their time was 1 minute 30. The winner was about 40 seconds or something, so they werent too bad.

And here they are tonight in the big girls dorm!! What a mess!!!!
So thats it for me.


kerry said...

I hope that all goes wekk for the horse and Emelia.Looks like she is having a great time.take care Kerry xx

kerry said...

I hope that all goes wekk for the horse and Emelia.Looks like she is having a great time.take care Kerry xx

Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi,
I have to agree with you,there aren't many people like that left in this world. Go Emelia, you look like you are having fun...

Brenda said...

That all looks like the best fun ever!!!


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