Sunday, October 19, 2008

A weekend of Scrapping

I am totally inlove with this layout!!!!

I gotta say though.. the concept isnt mine.... I did lift alot of it from Marlin Dahlstrom.
I cant remember how i found her now, but she is a designer from Sweeden who does the most gorgeous work.
I saw her layout and i had similar papers so thought id give it ago. Ive added losts of different things, but you can tell the basic design is hers... So thank you Marlin, i love your stuff!!!

When you step out the back door, the most beautiful fragrance hits your nose... its a Jasmine, but not the same we have been smelling for the last couple of weeks.. this is a different smell. So i went down the back to investigate. At first i couldnt see any evidence of where the fragrance could be coming from... and then i spotted just a few of these....
I lvoe Chineese jasmine.. its so fresh and beautiful!!
Dreadful on the sinuses though...

Hope you had a great weekend. Stu it at his parents place tonight enjoying their campany and the company of his sister and her daughter....
Starting to miss him s bit now. But i dont want him to rush home.. this trip is important to him, i would like to see him come home inspired again!!!

Till tomorrow.. seeya!!


Jayne said...

Gorgeous layout Jodi!! Love the flowers :)

kerry said...

beautiful layout Jodi.I bet you are missing Stu too.Take care Kerry xx


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