Sunday, October 12, 2008

Go Craig Baby!!!

OK, I gotta admit, i dont follow the race.... at all.... Zip.... Nadda...
But when i ask my boys "How did my boyfriend go?", they know im talking about Craig Lowndes...
Years ago, when he first came into racing, this little fella looked pretty good to me... He was kinda short, dark hair and eyes... all the things i love in a man.. So ever since he is refered to as "My Boyfriend"... and i cant even remember his name half the time... hes just.. "My boyfriend!!"
Very funny!!!

So how happy was i when him and his mate won at Bathurst for the third time!!! Hes a good boy isnt he!!!
Go Graig!!!


Joanne said...

WOW!!! your blog looks fantastic!!

Lisa A said...

Love the new blog, how did you do that could you please email me and tell me how to do that, also yes Craig Lowdnes is one of my favourite even though i am a Holden fan,so Mark Scaife is my ultimate race man

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