Thursday, October 16, 2008

Off he goes

Hubby rode off today to meet his mates that are a day ahead of him!!
For those enquiries about the "looks" of our visitors...... Ummm.... how can i say this?

Think Broken Hill,
think barefoot,
think ungroomed,
think long messy hair with a beanie,
think..... drinker.... and all that it involves as far as physical features....
Think facial hair....
Ok, in short... no bloody way!!!! Im a bit worried some little biker chick is gonna think my hubby is a bit of all right in camparison and try to teach him a thing or two!!!!

But he will have a really wonderful few days riding the mountains and valleys on his bike with about 50 like minded people!!!!


kerry said...

Jodi they soung like my kinda man sure stuart will be fine.have agreat weekend take care Kerry xx

Lisa A said...

Sounds like my kinda man NOT, too, dont worry you have no worries cause Stu loves you very much.....gotta say love the bike though...I hope he has lots of fun

Joanne said...

They dont sound too good, have you checked the silverwear lol.


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