Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some More Layouts

I have successfully completed a heap of layouts this weekend... But nothing today.
I have started thinkin about a graffitti layout and the final layout for the scrap With V Cybercrop.. But thinking is where it has finished!!!!
This was a Mystery Class last night conducted by Jules...

This was a challenge by SueZ....
Green and Gold (Yellow)
Action SHot taken outdoors
At least two diffrent shapes
And a circle somewhere on the layout...
"Ready to ACtion"
(I lost my "c", but i did find it again,,,, you can stop looking
And thats about all i can share....
Had a relaxing sleep in this morning with Jamie... But not the book!!! On the Ipod!!! I know, I can read without reading!! Its awesome!!
Then played with Solo... he made my filthy so i had a shower and got some stuff ready for a wedding... and thats about it!!!
Oh, I did help Mum with her new blog... Check it out here.
Awesome Name... Fermented... Not Demented.... (that was my idea, as a joke, but mum liked it!!)

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

Great Layouts Jodi....Especially the one of Emelia going to school dressed up for the Melbourne Cup....


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